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What is herbalism?

Herbalism is the study or practice of the medicinal and therapeutic use of plants, now especially as a form of alternative medicine. Practitioners of herbalism may be licensed doctors or unlicensed as well. It’s best to seek out an individual who has gone through an approved herbalist course. There are various requirements around the world.

Natural Medicine

Some of you may have considered studying herbalism to help family or friends, or perhaps, to open your own apothecary, to assist the public with ailments. If so, This is the right path to embrace and learn as much as you can! We are often reminded of the commercials that break down what medicine can do to help an individual followed by the terrible side effects, that sometimes result in further issues such as damage to bodily organs, fatigue, loss of appetite, etc. To put it simply, negative side effects. The drugmaker’s profit off of those that need these medications, even though some have devastating effects.


We support those that take medications prescribed by their doctors or health professionals. We are simply suggesting a natural route that promotes healing of the body, soul, and mind.

According to Science-based medicine, “Natural supplements, or nutraceuticals, have been given a bad rap lately—which, in some cases, has been absolutely warranted. But natural formulas that actually contain what they claim on the label, and that are formulated to have maximal efficacy, can be equal to their pharmaceutical counterparts. Better yet, they can be just as effective without the laundry list of side effects.”

Your decision to take natural remedies or prescribed medications is completely up to you. There are benefits to BOTH and I support you regardless. We must be open to new ways of treating our ailments and taking part in our healthcare as well.

Herbalism Books

These are some of the books I would suggest you read if you are interested in herbalism. There are also online/in-person courses you may take to become a legitimately qualified herbalist in America. If you’re not in America, your country may have different requirements or none at all. We are curious to hear the difference in other countries.

We will continue to add to this blog post in the future, as we continually learn more about herbalism and the benefits/impacts it has on one’s life and health. Exercise, healthy eating, and a positive environment are all factors that can assist in our health as well. If you enjoy this blog or would like to contribute, be sure to get in touch. Merry Meet!


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