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Traditions of The Craft

I think it is best to learn about all of the traditions but decide on a tradition that resonates with you. It will take time to choose a tradition and exploration on your path is the most important decision for you. There are many traditions of craft practiced today. All of the modern witchcraft practiced today is based, in part on a past tradition/system of magick.

Side note: If you want more in-depth knowledge about each tradition, the information is available in books and online.

Traditions of Witchcraft
Alexandrian Tradition
Arician Tradition
Aridian Tradition
Blue Star Wicca
British Traditional
Celtic Traditional
Dianic Wicca
Eclectic Tradition
Faery Tradition
Gardnerian Tradition / The New Forest Coven
Georgian Tradition
Hereditary Tradition
Irish Faery-Faith Tradition
Kitchen Witch Tradition
Ladywood Tradition
Mystery Tradition
Nordic Tradition
Pictish Tradition or PectiWita or Scottish Tradition
Reclaiming Tradition
Saxon-Wicca Tradition
StarKindler Tradition
Stregheria Tradition or Tanarra Tradition
Sylvan Tradition
Welsh Tradition
Witta Tradition

Each of the above groups may be a coven or solitary. A coven is a group of practitioners that gather together. Practices vary. A solitary witch is one who walks his/her path alone and uses books and experimentation to evolve spiritually.

Green Wicca or Green Witchcraft
Hoodoo / Voodoo
Crystal Moon
Wiccan Shamanism

The lists above are some of the traditions of witchcraft that exist today. Most of the traditions are based in part, on past traditions with changes made based on preferences, location, beliefs, etc.

If you are seeking more information, find the answers through self-study or coven – if you are part/want to join. The only way to walk your path is to find the answers you seek through a mentor, books, and experimentation.

Bright Blessings!


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