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Candle Symbolism in Magik

A general guide to the different candle colors and their meaning to your magikal spell workings.

Candle Color Meanings

Black – Evil, loss, discord, confusion

White – Purity, truth, sincerity

Red – Strength, health, vigor, sexual love

Pink – Honor, love, morality

Yellow/Gold – Attraction, persuasion, charm, confidence

Dark Blue – Impulsiveness, depression, changeability

Brown – Hesitation, uncertainty, neutrality

Purple – Tension, ambition, business, progress, power

Light Blue – Tranquility, understanding, patience, health

Green – Finance, fertility, luck

Silver/Gray – Cancellation, neutrality, stalemate

Orange – Encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, attraction

Greenish-yellow – Sickness, cowardice, anger, jealousy, discord

Days of The Week

Sunday – Yellow – Sun – Gold

Monday – White – Moon – Silver

Tuesday – Red – Mars – Iron

Wednesday – Purple – Mercury – Mercury

Thursday – Blue – Jupiter – Tin

Friday – Green – Venus – Copper

Saturday – Black – Saturn – Lead

Astrology: Candle Colors & Magick

Watch this short video on the astrological sun signs.


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