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Phases of Moon 

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The moon is the clock and calendar for working magick. If the moon is waxing, then that is the time for constructive magick – and the best time is as close to a Full Moon as possible. If it is waning, then that is the time for destructive magick – and the best time is as close to the New Moon as possible.

Raymond Buckland, Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft

Moon Phases Meaning

  • The new moon – New Beginnings. It’s time for a clean slate, start to gather your thoughts and plan for your next goal, trip, check an item off of your bucket list, breakup/leave an unhealthy relationship, etc.

  • The waxing crescent moon – Set Intentions. Send your hopes and desires into the world. The best way to do this is to make a detailed list of your dreams. read your list everyday; re-write it, if your desires change. Have confidence that you can get anything you want in this world.

  • The first quarter – Take Action. When you face obstacles, do not waver. It is time for pushing forward. Let nothing stand in your way of what you are working towards. Continue to make it happen.

  • The waxing gibbous moon – Refine and Hone. Observe and align your hopes with the universe. Momentum is building. Things are going to happen with continued perserverance.

  • The full moon – Harvest Endeavrors. A time to harvest the intentions and wishes of past moons. Visual what you want and how it makes you feel. Visualize your wish has already happened for you.

  • The waning gibbous moon –Introspect. Turn inwards. Think about your goals and be grateful. Reflect on what you have now and know that you will be clessed with more abundance in the future.

  • The third quarter – Release and Let Go. let go of the habits that bind you and do you harm. Discontinue heavy drinking, using dangerous substances, overeating, being hateful, etc. The inability to take care of yourself, hurts YOU and those around you.

  • The waning crescent moon – Surrender. Recuperate and rest. It is okay to feel empty sometimes. Take a break. Indulge in a nap – even though that is hard if you have children, wink*. Find a way to let go of what is bothering you and pamper yourself. Take a hot bath, go to the salon, get a manicure/pedicure, get a facial, etc. whatever makes you feel like the queen/king, that you are!

Work towards your dream and manifest your intentions/practices. It will all pay off eventually.

Learn more about each phase of the moon here


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