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Eight Sabbats of Witchcraft

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There are eight sabbats per year celebrated that occur both seasonally and agriculturally. Each of the sabbats has different meanings to many people, but the gist of each sabbat is the same.

Chart of Sabbats

Yule – Winter SolsticeImbolc– Birthing of the first lambs
Ostara – Spring EquinoxBeltane – Celebrates new growth in the fields
MidSummer– Summer SolsticeLughnasadh – Celebrates time of harvest
Mabon – Fall/Autumn EquinoxSamhain – Celebrates the time of slaughtering animals for food storage prior to winter
8 sabbats celebrated seasonally

Some witches that follow the Wheel of the Year, use the sabbats as a day for rest, reflection, and celebration. Rather than performing rituals and spells. However, some witchcraft traditions believe their magic as a group is more powerful on sabbats and to honor deities.

I found this amazing article online that thoroughly explains the history of the sabbats. It is the most detailed document I have come across and thought it would be an awesome read to share on this blog.

The author is #MikeNichols. Enjoy.


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