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Alternative Tools for Magick

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Magick can be done without the need for expensive tools. Once you decide on the items you want to use in your practice, make a list. I have found items at the thrift store, garage sale, or on a walk. You do not need to buy an elaborate list of stuff for your alter to get started, It can be basic.

Here is a list of a few alternative items if you are on a budget, in the witch’s closet(do not want anyone to know you’re practicing) unable to spend a lot of money, or prefer second-hand items. I do want to point out that if you are part of a coven, you may need to purchase items your tradition requires. At any rate, this list should work for you, to have a general idea of the items necessary for your altar.

  • Pentacle is used as a protective talisman. It also can be used on your alter to represent earth.
  • White candles can be substituted for any color to use in your magikal workings and still hold the same power.
  • Crockpot or similar item can work as a cauldron. You can make your ingredients in it without altering the spell. cauldron are unique but sometimes are way out of our price range.
  • Olive Oil is a great alternative to anointing the home, objects, candles, etc. You can draw your sigils in oil to enhance spells and even use it to anoint yourself. You may also add the correct scent to it if your spell is asking for a specific spice or herb. Just head over to your spice rack and add away.
  • Robe – If you prefer to not be “sky clad” or naked.
  • Besom/Broom – you do not need a fancy besom, you can use an everyday broom that is dedicated to your magickal workings.
  • Chalice – is a cup or goblet. Any cup will work.
  • Knife or athame is an item used in many practices. A kitchen knife will work if that is all you have.
  • Wand or Staff – Do you go for much walks outside? There are plenty of sticks outside that will work.
  • Altar table cloth – Walmart, dollar tree, or the local craft store usually has sales on fabric. I have found a cloth at these stores for under $10 or less.
  • Offering dishes – The dollar tree has cheap glass or plastic bowls, that will work as an offering dish.
  • Book of Shadows – A book to write down spells, potions, elixirs, astrology, deities, sabbats, invocations, evocations, esbats, etc.

The list is endless and personal to your practice. If you are part of a coven, the list of tools needed may be different depending on the tradition of the coven, respectively. Blessed Be.


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  1. My favorite tools are my notebook and I think of my pen as a wand. The crystals are beautiful, but I find they are more weight and expense than they’re worth for many beginners. I started with a deck of cards and whatever I could find outside.

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