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Witch’s Bottle

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A witch’s bottle is used as a protection measure for the household. A witch’s bottle holds herbs that are thought to offer protection and are sometimes hidden under the doorstep, behind the house, or somewhere out of sight, where it will not be dug up. The number of herbs included within the bottle varies based on the individual making the protection bottle.

You can use a mason jar or any other glass jar you have on hand. Some people use a coffee canister – Be Creative! Some may fill the bottle with nails, pins, needles, urine, feces, menstrual blood-woman. This is thought to return to sender, any evil back to the one sending it your way.

List of Common Herbs Used
Houseleek – protects against lightning and other natural disasters
Blackthorn – Which is typically protective.
St. John’s Wort – Protects against demons and ghosts.

There is a seven herb recipe that was sacred and may still be, amongst The Druid priesthood of the ancient celts. The herbs are believed to be powerful when used together in spells and potions. Use these herbs in your cauldron to add power and magick to any spell/potion.

7 herbs for a Witch’s Bottle

Most of the herbs listed can be used in a witch’s bottle and simply with another herb to create love potions, aid in clairvoyance, act as aphrodisiacs, banish evil spirits, cure depression, cure injuries and so much more. Check out more information on herbs here.

Bright Blessings!


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