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3 Reasons Why I Have Been ‘MIA” on this blog…

If you are wondering why content is not posted daily, I can completely get that. Well, I am a busy mom, and writing fascinating content takes time. It is unpredictable to know if the content will be something others will want to read and find interesting. I started this blog out of a passion for the craft and as an online book of shadows. I am back because I have to finish what I started – I think that is the Capricorn in me. A blog, meme, or inspirational message will be posted bi-weekly on A Pagan Woman.

Thank you to all who have followed the blog and liked some of the posts.

Let me count the ways…

I have been working

When I am not working on this blog, I work in a field that pays well but ensures I am constantly tired and feeling burned out. This meme sums up my current feelings at the moment. 😉


I am a full-time mom and most of my time is making breakfast, lunch, dinner, attending drop-off/pick-ups, etc. If you are a parent, you understand that parenting is demanding and our children come first.

Merry Meet

I was not positive that this blog was reaching the audience I intended it to and decided to take some time away – You did come in, visit, and like the content and I appreciate you so much! A blog post should be coming shortly and then bi-weekly going forward. Thanks for stopping by and reading my ramblings. From my desk. Bright Blessings!🤗


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