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Roe vs Wade: Herbs to Avoid

Today, June 24th, 2022, the supreme court announced that Roe vs Wade had been overturned, making it illegal to have an abortion. RVW has been in effect since January 22, 1973, the Supreme Court issued a 7–2 decision in favor of “Jane Roe” (Norma McCorvey) holding that women in the United States had a fundamental right to choose whether to have abortions without excessive government restriction and striking down Texas’s abortion ban as unconstitutional. Wikipedia

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What was Roe Vs Wade about?

In 1969, a 25-year-old single woman, Norma McCorvey using the pseudonym “Jane Roe”, challenged the criminal abortion laws in Texas. The state forbade abortion as unconstitutional, except in cases where the mother’s life was in danger.

Defending the anti-abortion law was Henry Wade – the district attorney for Dallas County – hence Roe v Wade. Ms. McCorvey was pregnant with her third child when she filed the case, and claimed that she had been raped. But the case was rejected and she was forced to give birth. BBC News

Lasting Effect

At this point, women may have lost the right to an abortion in certain states. It has been an emotional day because this will have a lasting effect. I never thought this day would come to be honest and I do not understand why men in congress even had a say in this matter, considering they do not have a uterus and can not make babies.

Twitter did not Disappoint…
— Ghost Host (@TheGhostHost) June 24, 2022
— Nancy Reagan – 1st Throat Goat (@AliNMcDonnell) June 24, 2022

The Herbs

As you know, if you are a reader of A Pagan Woman blog, I have posted about the medicinal and spiritual uses of herbs. Today, I will post herbs that must be avoided during pregnancy.

This table of information was from an outside source and is not my own content.

Black & Black Cohosh and angelica rootshould absolutely never be taken during pregnancy, especially alongside one another. These three have the capacity to disrupt hormone development & will typically cause bleeding to begin in just a handful of days in very early pregnancy
Pennyroyal TeaPennyroyal tea will destroy your liver, please don’t drink it. However, it’s also important to know that a strongly infused oil should not be rubbed on the pelvic area as it may, with repeated use, cause loss of pregnancy
Ruewhile not a commonly used herb, is showing up more in tea blends. This one can also be really problematic during pregnancy so much so that women for thousands of years have known to avoid it during pregnancy
Mugwortshould also be avoided as small amounts consumed in early-stage pregnancy may cause uterine contractions, it’s also worth noting that infused body oils may have the same effect albeit a bit safer for the liver
Queen Annes Laceshould be avoided by anyone who’s attempting to conceive, she has a tendency to make the uterine wall slippery & prevents the precious egg from implanting. It’s also important to know that during pregnancy if the egg can’t implant the pregnancy won’t continue
Parsleywhile safe in food level amounts should be avoided in large quantities such as broths as it may cause spontaneous loss of pregnancy. Especially if the person happens to be taking larger doses of vitamin C which can also endanger an early pregnancy
Cotton Root Barkthis one should never be drunk as tea, it has a long history of being problematic during early pregnancy. It also has a capacity to thin the blood so women who accidentally ingest this will need to counter this with something like shepherds purse or vitamin K.
herbs that must be avoided during pregnancy

This is not an exhaustive list of herbs to avoid during pregnancy and I will add more to the list.



Planned Parenthood

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