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What is a Sigil and How Does a Sigil Work?

Sigil Magic

What comes to mind when I utter the term “sigil”? Is it rapid spell-writing on paper using tiny symbols and squiggles? If so, you’re not the only one. The great bulk of knowledge about sigils is focused on those that use symbols and other visual elements. An intention or a power word can be transformed into a sigil using one of a dozen widely utilized techniques. But sigil magic’s use of these tiny symbols is not limited to them. Today, we’ll discuss the power of sigils and how to make your own sigil.

What is Sigil Magic?

In sigil magic, you may express your intents and aims with clarity by using the power of symbols. Your magic will advance as a result of using sigils. This is due to the fact that sigils maximize the potency of your magic by combining it with the power of your subconscious mind. Your magic will literally be amplified by using sigils. I’ve condensed down the technique into a simple, step-by-step instruction below to help you understand how sigil magic operates. Cheers!

How do Sigils Work?

1.    Create your own Sigil

Forming a crystal-clear intent regarding your goals is the first stage in using sigil magic. It is frequently beneficial to physically put down this purpose or aim on paper since doing so will help to strengthen the intention. Write out your phrase and cross off any letters that are repeated. For instance, the letters I would choose to spell out “prosperity” would be “health.” Your letter might become a symbol.

2.    Do the Spell Work

It’s time to put your own symbol to use in your spell work now that you’ve created it. Your energy is being applied to the symbol. The simplest approach to accomplish this is to fix your gaze on the symbol until you feel yourself starting to dream. The level of energy increases with the degree of discomfort.

Your magic will become more potent the more the symbol is connected to an intensified emotion. The symbol must now be “sunk” after having been successfully charged with energy. In order for the sigil’s energy and purpose to sink, they must first be buried in your subconscious.

3.    Destroying the Sigil

The symbol must now be destroyed in order to release its power after it has been submerged. As an alternative, you may position the sigil close to the location you want to affect, which would direct its strength and energy there.

You can shred the symbol with your hands to make it unusable. The sigil’s energy will be released by paper ripping. The symbol can also be burned. Witches have been known to use a knife or pair of scissors to tear their symbol into fragments.

Benefits of Creating Sigils

One of my top 5 most-used spiritual tools right now is sigils. I have seen the following from my personal use of sigils as well as those of others:

  • You experience power.
  • You feel more in control of your life, decisions, and deeds.
  • You become more conscious of how interrelated everything is in the world.
  • You may show off your artistic side.
  • You become more determined and deliberate.
  • Knowing that most circumstances may change if you want them to give you greater optimism
  • If you want it to, your life can alter significantly and rapidly!

Final Thoughts

Magic assists us in bringing our stated goals into physical reality if we have been very clear about them. Powerful magic is all about allowing our subconscious mind to collaborate with our conscious mind, as well as the global mind or collective consciousness. By utilizing the sophisticated and potent language of the symbol, sigil magic enables us to concentrate and hone our desire in a very particular way.

Bright Blessings!


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