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Natural Abortive Herbs

Natural abortive herbs are a topic that is trending in recent days, with the #supremecourt using their overt power to eliminate a woman’s healthcare choice to abortion in America! Women are always curious about their pregnancy and some want to know how to terminate it if they don’t want it anymore. These books will help them find out what remedies would be best for them.

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“Governments who manipulate population growth have two choices: making maternity pleasant, or making it inescapable.”

― Kate Millett

Birth Control is an option…

Birth control is a popular option to prevent pregnancy. And that is because there are so many different types of birth control methods to choose from. The most popular and the most effective are the ones that are hormonal. These include pills, patches, rings, implants, and injections.

However, hormonal birth control has its drawbacks as well. For instance, it may cause weight gain and mood swings in some women. It may also increase the risk of blood clots, heart attack, or stroke in some women who smoke or have certain medical conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Birth control is not available to women because of religion, availability, or the lack of access to it. Women may be denied the right to choose when and how often they want to have children. If birth control fails, herbal abortion is an option available.


Herbal abortion is a very common practice in many countries. However, there are many risks involved with this procedure and I must caution you to:

  • Do your research on the herb and its side effects before you start any herbal abortion regimen.
  • If you are pregnant and want to abort it naturally, consult a qualified herbalist or naturopath first.
  • Avoid using herbs if you have an allergy to them or if they cause any adverse reactions when taken by mouth.
  • Talk to your healthcare provider before taking any herbs that can interact with other medications.
  • Do not tell your healthcare provider you took a herbal remedy to dispel your pregnancy because they are mandatory reporters, and you may face legal issues. You could say you did NOT know you were pregnant when you started having the “side effects” protect yourself, ladies.
  • Educating yourself is key to safety. When in doubt, do not use any herb.

The Books

There are plenty of books that can help you on your journey to a successful herbal abortion. I have listed the top 7 below.

  1. Drink Me and Abort Your Baby: The Herbal Abortion Tea by Maya lewis
  2. Holistic abortion guide by the red door collective
  3. Natural Liberty: redefining self-induced abortion methods.
  4. Eve’s Herbs: A History of Contraception and Abortion in the West by John M. Riddle 
  5. Contraception and Abortion from the Ancient World to the Renaissance by John M. Riddle
  6. Reclaiming Our Ancient Wisdom: Herbal Abortion Procedure & Practice for Midwives and Herbalists by Catherine Marie Jeunet
  7. Grow your abortion by holistic abortion

The Herbs

As you know, if you are a reader of A Pagan Woman blog, I have posted about the medicinal and spiritual uses of herbs. Today, I will post herbs that must be avoided during pregnancy.

This table of information was from an outside source and is not my own content.

Black & Black Cohosh and angelica rootshould absolutely never be taken during pregnancy, especially alongside one another. These three have the capacity to disrupt hormone development & will typically cause bleeding to begin in just a handful of days in very early pregnancy
Pennyroyal TeaPennyroyal tea will destroy your liver, please don’t drink it. However, it’s also important to know that a strongly infused oil should not be rubbed on the pelvic area as it may, with repeated use, cause loss of pregnancy
Ruewhile not a commonly used herb, is showing up more in tea blends. This one can also be really problematic during pregnancy so much so that women for thousands of years have known to avoid it during pregnancy
Mugwortshould also be avoided as small amounts consumed in early-stage pregnancy may cause uterine contractions, it’s also worth noting that infused body oils may have the same effect albeit a bit safer for the liver
Queen Annes Laceshould be avoided by anyone who’s attempting to conceive, she has a tendency to make the uterine wall slippery & prevents the precious egg from implanting. It’s also important to know that during pregnancy if the egg can’t implant the pregnancy won’t continue
Parsleywhile safe in food level amounts should be avoided in large quantities such as broths as it may cause spontaneous loss of pregnancy. Especially if the person happens to be taking larger doses of vitamin C which can also endanger an early pregnancy
Cotton Root Barkthis one should never be drunk as tea, it has a long history of being problematic during early pregnancy. It also has a capacity to thin the blood so women who accidentally ingest this will need to counter this with something like shepherds purse or vitamin K.
herbs that must be avoided during pregnancy

This is not an exhaustive list of herbs to avoid during pregnancy and I will add more to the list.

Disclaimer: There are several books, articles, and resources on the topic of natural remedies for herbal abortion. The safest abortion is through a medical doctor who can advise and treat you. I am not responsible for any actions you make take from this blog post. Bright blessings!


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