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Weekdays and Their Magical Connections: A Complete Guide

Enchantment isn't restricted to Sabbats and the full moon. Every day, magical things happen. The days of the week are crucial parts of efficient spellcasting in various Paganism traditions. Spells for wealth or prosperity, for example, may be cast on Thursday because it is connected with riches and desire. While not all traditions adhere to this... Continue Reading →

Harvest Celebration: Mabon

Mabon is one of the 8 sabbats that occur between September 21-23. However, sometimes the fall equinox can occur on different days. It roughly corresponds to traditional European harvest festivities that express gratitude and historically commemorate a good cereal harvest and the replenishment of winter food stocks. It is a time when days become shorter... Continue Reading →

Deities – Everything is Dual: All You Need to Know

The pre-Christian faiths of Europe are where paganism first emerged. Similar to other western nations where it has been increasing quickly since the 1950s, it is making a comeback worldwide. The pagan community values unity in diversity, which is reflected in the social infrastructure of paganism, which is made up of a network of related... Continue Reading →

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