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Harvest Celebration: Mabon

Mabon is one of the 8 sabbats that occur between September 21-23. However, sometimes the fall equinox can occur on different days. It roughly corresponds to traditional European harvest festivities that express gratitude and historically commemorate a good cereal harvest and the replenishment of winter food stocks. It is a time when days become shorter and nights longer. We made it through the year and here we are celebrating the harvest season. Most have come to view fall as sweater weather, pumpkin-spiced lattes, and more time inside with the family. This is truly an amazing time of year to reflect, give thanks and appreciate what we have and give offerings in anticipation of the blessings to come.

Commemorate Mabon

Remember Loved Ones: Visit your deceased family or friends at their grave to place flowers, beer, or something that they enjoyed, that you remember them by. Clean their headstone, talk to them as if they were still present. collect graveyard dirt and use it within a spell.

Host a bonfire: Invite friends and family over and have a magical dinner with the bonfire going.

Go back to nature: Go outside and take a walk around the trails in your area. Pick up leaves, and pinecones to make crafts with the family.

Decorate your porch: Get the decorations out! Carve out pumpkins, hang up decorations in your windows, etc.

Create/cleanup your altar for Mabon: Mabon is about celebrating the end of the year harvest. Place things on your altar that resemble the season such as pumpkins, leaves, apples, pinecones, seeds, twigs, feathers, candles, wine, bread, etc. Honor your goddess/god with what you have gathered.

Hay rides: Go to the local apple orchard to pick apples, drink apple cider and enjoy apple pie.

Meal Prep: The weather is cool to start canning foods if that is something you have always wanted to try.

Gratitude List: Create a list of what you are grateful for and write down what you would like to manifest in your life.

Following and honoring Mabon puts us in intimate contact with nature. It’s a wonderful method to connect with the Goddess and God and appreciate all we have accomplished.

Bright Blessings!


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