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Weekdays and Their Magical Connections: A Complete Guide

Enchantment isn’t restricted to Sabbats and the full moon. Every day, magical things happen. The days of the week are crucial parts of efficient spellcasting in various Paganism traditions. Spells for wealth or prosperity, for example, may be cast on Thursday because it is connected with riches and desire. While not all traditions adhere to this requirement while conducting any magical work, always record the day of the week on which the spell is performed. You might be surprised to discover some links later on!

·        Sunday

Given that Sunday is the day of the sun, it should not be a surprise that the hues of yellow and gold are linked with the day. Sunday is a day for renewal, health, creativity, and fresh hope. Today is a day of assurance and achievement. This day, which is controlled by the sun, is associated with fire and the sun signs Leo.

·        Monday

This week’s day is dedicated to the moon and all of her enchantment and mystery. Mondays are reserved for women’s mysteries, illusion, prophecy, emotions, travel, and fertility. Going outside to look at the moon in the sky. Sit beneath her glow and soak up some glitz. In magical matters, seek the assistance of the moon goddess Selene.

·        Tuesday

Tuesday is a highly combative kind of day—color connotations include vivid reds and oranges, as well as warrior-like metals like iron and steel. Tuesday is named for the Norse god Tyr, who was a divinity of bravery and fighting. Powered by Mars, the day of action is Tuesday. You may now follow your passion, go toward your objectives, discover your destiny, and be a powerful and bold person.

·        Wednesday

Weird and crazy things happen on Wednesdays. They are for expression through the arts, for change, for communication. Because Mercury is the day’s patron deity, there will be plenty of contrasts, change, and excitement today. Here are some ideas for Wednesday enchantments: Wearing purple or orange can help you bring a little Wednesday color magic into your life. carrying an all-purpose agate and utilizing all of its charms. use magical plants for protection, such as the fern.

·        Thursday

The color scheme for Thursday includes royal blues and greens, which are connected to the planet Jupiter and elements like tin. Consider gods that are more like leaders, such as Thor, Zeus, and Jupiter. calling on the Roman deity Jupiter to be able to arbitrate a conflict amicably, or on Thor for plenty.

This is a day for harvests, success, and wealth as well as for honor, allegiance, and family loyalty. Utilize the many parts of Thursday to cast spells that will bring you wealth, profess your loyalty, and embrace you.

·        Friday

Given that Freya, the Nordic Venus, and goddess of love, rules Friday, it is safe to say that it is everyone’s favorite day of the week. Friday is all about introducing new things into your life, as well as beauty, love, sex, fertility, friendships, and partnerships, as well as the arts, harmony, and music. It is a good idea to cast spells today that are related to pregnancy, sexuality, friendship, growth, and family life. Use Friday’s correspondences to start a seed, encourage growth, and appreciate your benefits.

·        Saturday

For many of us, the week is coming to a conclusion, therefore Saturn’s day, Saturday, is a nice day to finish things up. This day is also linked to the goddess Hecate and is associated with the hues black and dark purple as well as the metal lead. Saturdays are often fantastic days for protection, banishing a bad circumstance, and generally speaking, a good day to clean up any magical messes that you have been putting off.


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