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Reiki: Call your energy back

I call back my power and energy from all four corners, people, places, and situations that have been draining, siphoning, or stealing from me – consciously or subconsciously, intentionally or unintentionally – from all realms, worlds, and directions of time.

I call all my power and magic back to me. Anything connected to me prospers. All disconnections will not thrive on my vibration. I am whole and complete. I now call all of my energy back to me and release all energy that is not mine. I am safe and protected.

So, Mote, It Be!

Say this every day once you come home from work, shopping, or wherever you spend time that is exhausting and draining. Next, take a shower or a bath and wash away the bad thoughts, cleanse your body, put on some relaxing music, get into bed and breathe.

YouTube Reiki Playlist

Call your energy back to you… Enjoy!


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