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Blessed Holdidays

December 21st Yule began, which is the original pagan holiday that is now known as Christmas. I wanted to thank all of you who have shown support to the blog and wish all of you a safe, healthy and prosperous year to come. I appreciate you and your kindness . bright blessings 🌟

A Witch’s advice for Magickal Self-Care

Before there was organized religion, there was magic, and even today, there are those who claim to be able to produce "miracles" using magic originating from the natural world or the spirit world. These abilities are still there for us to use. Natural Magic has all the information and skills you require. Magic is a... Continue Reading →

The Healing Properties of Spiritual Bath: Why You Need It in Your Life

Bathing with intention is the key to creating a spiritual bath. All of these would be considered spiritual baths, including taking a therapeutic spring bath, immersing oneself in water, and taking a bath with essential oils and herbs. This article will explore the healing properties of the spiritual bath. It will also discuss how to... Continue Reading →

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