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Potion Making: Practical Instructions for Conjuring a Spell

Magic is primarily a craft, a prehistoric weapon discovered by humanity ages ago to reach an invisible world they felt held the secret to their well-being. Protection, divination, healing, luck, retribution, and most importantly, a feeling of empowerment was all possible thanks to magic. It provides some solace in a chilly, bleak world. Even though there are many different magical practices across the world, they initially seem to be a kaleidoscope display of arbitrary symbols. However, if we look a little closer, we may uncover similar fundamental elements.

Potion Ingredients

Depending on the type of potion being created, different components are required to make each recipe. The majority of potions are made from various plant materials, including herbs, roots, powders, seeds, liquids that may have been derived from certain plants, and biological components like hair, blood, saliva, or even animals. The majority of components are commonplace on their own, but when combined, they may create a wide range of effects that are only constrained by the creators’ creativity and, once again, their level of expertise. Other options require other components and a simple incantation.

Quick and Easy Wake-Up Potion

  • Pour some tea into a cup of hot water. Lighting an orange candle on your altar or table can help pass the time as you wait for the tea to simmer. “I am thankful for this day and in good health,” you say.
  • As you sip your tea, try to relax.

Self-Love Therapy

  • Hibiscus was traditionally used to create sentiments of love or sexual desire as well as to encourage peace and well-being. Drink it as a ritual of self-love.

Simple Love Bath

  • A simple spiritual bath using herbal essences and candles to draw love. It uses a white rose for love, lavender for healing, and sea salt to remove bad vibes. Use your scented sugar scrub, followed by your favorite soap. Relax and enjoy.

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