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A Simple Way to Honor Your Ancestors: A Quick Guide to Little Altars

Every culture in the world, with its own rituals, traditions, and ways of commemorating the deceased, has ancestral altars. For the sake of clarity, let’s take a minute to step back and define what We mean by “altar.” An altar is a place of veneration, to put it simply. It might be a collection of items that you lovingly arrange and take care of with the goal of paying tribute to someone or something. It should be clear that your altar need not have a certain appearance as long as the items on it inspire a sense of reverence in you.

Here are some suggestions for building an altar this season in memory of your loved ones:

Choose a nice table or counter in your house. Bring candles, flowers, copal incense, pictures, sentimental items from your own collection and that of your ancestors, as well as food and treats they would have enjoyed. Lay out cushions on the floor and start the candles and smoke. Think back on old times with them. Let yourself be filled with nostalgic feelings. From the bottom of your heart and mind, send them your love, respect, and gratitude. Gratitude is due to them for making you the person you are and will be today. Honor their lives. They’ll reciprocate your love by assisting in the improvement of your magic.

Making little altars is a simple method to set up a place where you may start having discussions with your ancestors. They permit more frequent, even daily practice while yet allowing for the privacy and respect that many people need while making contact. We become more at ease on our eventual route to becoming one of our Ancestors as we start to recognize their presence in our daily lives.

What are the ways you set up your altar? Share in the comments!

Bright Blessings!


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