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How to Handle Drama at Work

There is no denying that many forms of conflict continue to exist in the workplace. We frequently hear about both employees and employers who are battling serious problems within their walls, such as a lack of diversity, racism, or sexism.

It makes sense that women are on the same team and fighting for one another when we consider the struggle for workplace gender equality. However, even if you haven’t directly encountered it, you’re definitely aware of the cliché of bitchy girls at work, or downright rude, aggressive women undermining one another at work.

A workplace is a place where people can be their most authentic selves.

We all have a different comfort zone that we feel comfortable in. Some people prefer to work alone and some prefer to work in teams. Some people are introverts and some are extroverts. The workplace is the one place where we can be our true selves without having to worry about how others will perceive us. The workplace is not just a space for you to do your job, but it’s also a space for you to find your purpose and meaning in life. It’s rewarding when you know that what you’re doing is meaningful and that the team around you believes in the same thing too.

Women often feel that there is a fight for power or jealousy between them and any other female employee, making it difficult for them to support one another on the job. Let’s say, you are challenged by a coworker who claims that someone claimed you would never grow in the organization because you are unmotivated and incompetent. What would you do? Ignore it or do something about it. Go to the source if you feel the need to respond to what has been said. Contact a supervisor if you don’t feel comfortable raising the issue with the source. To express your experiences and worries in a professional setting, request a meeting. It is essential to act as soon as you can. There is a greater chance of rising tension and hostility the longer you wait.

Conflicts are inevitable but they need to be dealt with in the right way. Communicating in constructive ways and avoiding any kind of blame game can help deal with conflicts effectively. There are three main types of conflict: interpersonal, task-oriented, and goal-oriented. Interpersonal conflicts occur when two people have different opinions or perspectives on the same subject. Task-oriented conflicts happen when people have different ideas about how to achieve a shared goal. Goal-oriented conflicts occur when team members have different goals and expectations about what should be done next. Understanding the direct type of conflict can help you to better handle the situation with emotional intelligence and calmness.

If you ask others to adhere to the facts, they might not appreciate it if they’re attempting to dramatize you. Remind them that you want to be of assistance to them and that it is crucial to consider information that may be manipulated or altered. You do want them to feel better and have the tools they need to handle the issue more skillfully, after all.

5 steps to remove yourself from the drama at work | Anastasia Penright

Avoid those who participate in rumors or who are constantly negative. Never be associated with a workplace rumor and charged with contributing to it. Some people appear unable to operate without drama because they enjoy it so much. No matter how hard you try, you might never be able to escape it with certain people because let us be honest workplace drama is normal. It is then your responsibility to rise above it. At times, we must accept others as they are. We can decide whether to stay away from someone who enjoys chaos and drama or how to interact with them so that we don’t get caught in their world.

Another way to handle the office political bullshit is to look for a new employer if all else fails and you are tired of the constant charade of drama. As hard as it is to find a new job with the proper network, you will find your “place” inevitably. At any rate, there are plenty of work-from-home positions if you are keen on preserving your dignity and mental health. Lastly, self-employment may be a more suitable option if you find yourself unable to put up with the “corporate bullshit” but please keep your job until you are comfortable financially to quit. Times are tough and inflation is through the roof!

I often wonder why the office is filled with so much drama? We all have to work to survive and most of us have jobs to pay for a roof over our heads, food on the table, take care of the family, hobbies, etc. We do not want to be at these “jobs” but we must in order to live comfortably. Here is to a better year and a drama-free workplace!

Bright Blessings!


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