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20 common aspects of witchcraft

  1. You have a deep connection with nature and the elements.
  2. You have a strong intuition and use it to make decisions.
  3. You believe in the power of intention and manifestation.
  4. You practice meditation and mindfulness.
  5. You have a strong connection to the cycles of the moon and use them in your spell work.
  6. You use herbs, crystals, and other natural materials in your spell work and rituals.
  7. You have a deep understanding of energy and how it can be used to manifest change.
  8. You respect and honor the divine in all forms and incorporate this into your spiritual practice.
  9. You value knowledge and continuously strive to learn and grow.
  10. You have a strong sense of self and use your personal power to create change in the world.
  11. You believe in the power of words and use them in spells and affirmations.
  12. You practice divination and use tarot cards, runes, or other tools to gain insight.
  13. You have a strong sense of community and practice in a coven or other group.
  14. You understand a spell may have positive or negative effects and you are okay with that.
  15. You are aware of and honor the energies of the land and the spirits of the place where you live.
  16. You use visualization and symbolism in your spell work and rituals.
  17. You have a deep understanding of and respect for the cycles of life and death.
  18. You practice self-care and use magic to enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  19. You understand the importance of gratitude and give thanks for the blessings in your life.
  20. You are open-minded and respect the beliefs and practices of others, even if they differ from your own.

Note: Witchcraft is a personal and individual practice, and the above points may not be relevant for everyone who identifies as a witch, but this list is a general idea of the common aspects of witchcraft practice.


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