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Herbs and Properties

Photo by on And the serpent is riding over the voice of the raven, the Other God, to his spouse, magic, the poison of death, in which Samael, the Other God, becomes complete.T IQQUNE I Z OHA R Natural herbs have been around for centuries and are making a comeback. The pandemic provided... Continue Reading →

Apothecary & Herbology

Photo by Eva Elijas on The practice of witchcraft is ancient and mysterious. It’s one of the most taboo subjects in society but still has a very large following. There are many different types of witchcraft, but they all have one thing in common: herbs. Herbs have been used in magic for thousands of... Continue Reading →


Photo by PhotoMIX Company on What is herbalism? Herbalism is the study or practice of the medicinal and therapeutic use of plants, now especially as a form of alternative medicine. Practitioners of herbalism may be licensed doctors or unlicensed as well. It's best to seek out an individual who has gone through an approved... Continue Reading →

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