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Natural Abortive Herbs

Natural abortive herbs are a topic that is trending in recent days, with the #supremecourt using their overt power to eliminate a woman's healthcare choice to abortion in America! Women are always curious about their pregnancy and some want to know how to terminate it if they don't want it anymore. These books will help... Continue Reading →

Witch’s Bottle

Photo by Marina Leonova on A witch's bottle is used as a protection measure for the household. A witch's bottle holds herbs that are thought to offer protection and are sometimes hidden under the doorstep, behind the house, or somewhere out of sight, where it will not be dug up. The number of herbs... Continue Reading →

Herbs and Properties

Photo by on And the serpent is riding over the voice of the raven, the Other God, to his spouse, magic, the poison of death, in which Samael, the Other God, becomes complete.T IQQUNE I Z OHA R Natural herbs have been around for centuries and are making a comeback. The pandemic provided... Continue Reading →

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